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REDUCED FOR A SHORT TIME! THE HOBBIT THE SILMARILLION THE LORD OF THE RINGS. ALL 5 BOOKS in ONE LOT. Nearly sixty years on, The Folio Society of London publishes luxurious deluxe editions of books that have continued to stand the test of time, in handsome, imaginatively designed and beautifully made editions. They apply the highest standards of design, binding, typography and illustration - a rare combination of quality and value that few publishers can match. Offered here is the complete set of Tolkien's epic, all five volumes in three slipcased editions. THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Arguably one of the finest pressings of this masterpiece, offered here is a beautiful three volume slipcased set comprising Tolkien's Masterpiece: The Lord of the Rings. Bound in gorgeous green cloth with gilt embellishments to the covers, this fully illustrated omnibus is complete with all of the maps and appendices and is complete and unabridged in any way. As you can see by the image on the left, each book is embossed with a character figure from within, for instance (shown) is a Black Rider of Mordor. THE HOBBIT A beautiful edition of Tolkien's classic story that started it all! Leaving his comfortable hobbit hole Bilbo Baggins goes on a reluctant adventure to defeat a dragon, and along the way he encounters the vile, but pathetic Gollum, and his Precious! Originally written in 1937, the ring was just a magic ring that made one invisible.

When Bilbo won the Riddle game, Gollum graciously showed him the way out. However, upon creating The Lord of the Rings in 1954, he made the ring a much more important entity, and as a result, he had to change the story of finding, and ultimate losing the ring to Bilbo to match the Ring's new importance, and The Hobbit was changed to it's current form as a result. This copy is the now accepted version of the tome.

As you can see, it matches the Lord of the Rings, but is bound in red and comes in it's own slipcase. THE SILMARILLION It is more than slightly staggering to consider that the epic fantasy "Lord of the Rings" is actually the tail end of Tolkien's invented history. The Silmarillion, considered to be Tolkien's most important work, is the story of the creation of the world and the happenings of the First Age, clearly setting the stage for all his other works.

It is to this ancient drama that the characters in The Lord of the Rings so often look back to and the core of Tolkien's imaginative work that underlies all his writings about Middle-earth and stretches from the beginning of time to the departure of the Elves from Middle-Earth. Before the world began, the startling beauty of the Holy Ones awakened into song. The sound, like countless choirs, became an ever-changing melody. It was the music of the Ainur that set the world spinning within the endless habitation of space. Music filled the earth with air and fire and water; stone and silver and gold; vast halls and spaces.

And Music it was that caused the Children of Illuvatar, Elves (the first born), Dwarves (the second born) and Men to be born. Of the Elven races, it was the Noldor, the most skilled of Elves in Earthlore, who first achieved the power of making gems. And it was the great Elf Feanor who made the Silmarils, the fairest of all gems: for kept within the Silmarils was the glory of the light of the Two Trees of Valinor.

Long after the Trees themselves were poisoned by the greed of the first Dark Lord Morgoth. These three great living jewels were hallowed so no mortal flesh nor anything evil may touch them. But deep within His fortress underground, the Dark Lord lusted after them. The peaceful days of Valinor were numbered as Morgoth stole the gems and the first great war of Middle-earth was waged over them.

It was Morgoth who created the first great worm, Glaurung the Mighty Dragon and in this tale, Sauron is Morgoth's 1st Lieutenant and the entire story of The Lord of the Rings appears only in the last few paragraphs. This tale of biblical magnitude is every bit as awe inspiring as The Lord of the Rings, albeit nowhere near as popular. It is however, the story that all of the songs of old and poems recounted in The Lord of the Rings are told here in full.

If you have not read this, then you are in for a real treat. Matches the other volumes, bound in blue.

Care and attention is devoted to every detail of the physical attributes of each book. Exacting standards require that every one has a proper sewn binding and comes in a protective slipcase. A wide range of binding materials are employed, from buckram, silk, leather and hand-marbled papers to traditional woven cloth. We choose from a selection of legible and elegant typefaces, seeking to preserve their character through a combination of modern and traditional printing techniques. DESIGN - Above all, the feature that distinguishes folio books from most others produced today is the rich variety and sophistication of the binding designs.

A wide range of traditional materials - such as buckram, cotton, silk or leather - is employed for the bindings. These costly fabrics are the foundation upon which the artists and designers produce their creations. Sometimes their designs are printed in ink, but more often they are blocked - that is to say, impressed with foil into the surface of the material; frequently the two processes are employed together.

BINDING - All books are sewn in 16-page sections: this gives strength to the book and enables the pages to be opened flat with ease. There are decorative head- and tailbands; also gilded or coloured top edges where we feel they are appropriate. The endpapers, in a wide array of colours, are often printed with maps, illustrations or other designs.

Most important of all, the books are hardback-bound to the highest standard, so that they not only look well on the shelves but are always a pleasure to open and read. PAPER & TYPOGRAPHY - In the typography of Folio books the traditional virtues of legibility and elegance are paramount. The selection of paper for a particular book will involve deciding on a shade and character which harmonises with the illustrations and binding materials. The papers for Folio Society books are produced by a small number of European mills, chosen for their ability to produce the highest quality papers with absolute consistency. Books printed on inferior stocks will go brown and brittle within a few years; all Folio books are printed on wood-free and acid-free paper, designed for reading and rereading over many generations.

THE SLIPCASE - A distinctive feature of Folio Society books which immediately strikes the eye is their presentation not in dust-jackets but in slipcases - the traditional protective covering for fine editions. The dustjacket evolved in the 20th century as a marketing device designed to catch the eye in a crowded bookshop. It does not, however, protect the book, and is itself easily damaged. With Folio books the design emphasis is on the binding itself, a permanent part of the book. Fine bindings need protection from dust and light, and this is furnished by the slipcase, which matches the binding materials and design of the book.

Folio Society Books are a testament to an uncompromising dedication to the craft of bookmaking, a commitment to striving towards perfection which rises above mere commercial considerations. If you are looking for a fine investment or phenomenal gift idea, consider this as a prime option! This is one of many Tolkien related editions I have listed this week along with the other dozens of items including many early printings.

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  • Subject: Literature & Fiction
  • Topic: Fantasy
  • Original/Facsimile: Original
  • Binding: Fine Binding
  • Special Attributes: Slipcased
  • Publisher: The Folio Society of London
  • Place of Publication: United Kingdom
  • Origin: English
  • Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Author: Tolkien